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Famous Curry restaurant "Jakuson" in Hida Takayama



Hi! Today,I will tell you my recommendation of curry in Hida Takayama.

Hi! It sounds good! I am going to go to Hida Takayama. So I wanna know your recommendation about Hida Takayama.

Oh! It's nice. I'm in Hida Takayama for business. I have been to 35 countries in the world. and I got a lot of experiences from those. So I want to tell you best information!

Thanks! Let me know those!


Hello !

I will recommend Jakuson of the famous curry restaurant in Hida Takayama.


At first, Hida Takayama is popular sightseeing area in Japan.

So, a lot of foreigners  who travel in Japan visit there.

In Hida Takayama, there are so many spots for enjoying sightseeings and meals.


This time, I pick "meal" up  for foreigners because foreign travelers visiting Hida Takayama know some sightseeing spots through website or books for travel,but almost travelers can not find restaurants recommended by local people like me.

It's possible on website that you get real voice and recommended.


So on this website, I hope you get living information about lunch and dinner in Hida Takayama.



About Jakuson' curry

Today, I recommend famous curry restaurant "Jakuson" in Takayama.

Jakuson is near JR Takayama station.

It takes about 5 minutes that you walk there from east gate of the station.


This is a photo of outside appearance of the restaurant.(Sorry, I forgot to take a photo...)



At Jakuson, you can eat delicious curry and drink some alcohol for instance, beer, cocktail and so on.

The atmosphere in Jakuson is dimly-lit and American style I feel.

In evening, you can use there as a bar or cafe I think.

It is good for not only lunch, dinner but also like a bar.



These pictures are famous curry set and potato with cheese. 



It was too delicious!

I have never eaten curry like this!

This is one of the best delicious curry in Japan!


It's a Japanese curry

It is said that Japanese curry is more delicious than Indian curry which is cooked in India.

There are some deferences between Japanese curry and Indian curry. 

Japanese curry is cooked to be matched with rice. So there are a lot of efforts for Japanese curry. Foreign people should eat curry in Japan!


However Jakuson's curry is different to ordinary curry of Japan. It has a strong flavor. I recommend those curry, so let's try Jakuson's curry at Jakuson!



Restaurant information 

Business hour: Lunch 11:30 ~ 14:45

                         Dinner 17:30 ~ 21:30

Close: Every Thursday 

How to go: Walking from JR Takayama station (290m)

Other information: Smoking OK